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How Dogwood got started


We are Rachel and Roy Lewis   Established in 1998, Dogwood is a small hobby kennel located on five mostly wooded acres in Harrison Michigan, in a quite country setting. The name came from my husband. He suggested that we call it Dogwood.....because we have dogs and we have woods. I've always liked the dogwood tree so I thought it was perfect. As a results, Dogwood Goldens was born.

   I got my start with a field dog; I wanted a dog my husband could hunt with. Golden Retriever are bred to retrieve upland and water fowl, so I got my first Golden, a sweet little red girl named Miss Mariah. Roy was in the Navy, stationed  in San Diego finishing the last 4 years of a 20 year career.I wanted her trained by the time he got home.Mariah was an awesome dog. She was so easy to work with,as most Goldens are. She had her first title a JH (junior hunter) just after her first birthday, and I knew we would go on to more! She is the foundation bitch for our Kennel

   We are committed to breeding a multi-purpose golden retriever, a dog who conforms to the Golden Retreiver Standard and retains the breed's original abilities as a hunting companion. Our dogs compete in Obedience, Agility, Tracking, and Hunting events

     If you are looking for a talented beautiful dog. As well as a good family pet, drop us a line